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11/3/2009 11:32:52 AM

After a new heating, ventilating, air conditioning system has been installed in a building, it is likely that the amount of air moving through all parts of the system will need some adjusting. This is air balancing.

Air Balancing is Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems.There are not just a few words that describe it. Balancing first came in need in the early 80's when new and more advanced A/C systems were being installed. As these systems began to get more complex the need for balancing increased. A very expensive and complex system was not complete without an independent balance company doing the TAB work. We are mostly recognized for setting up the amount of airflow that would be distributed from each air diffuser. However, our job is much more involved than that. Ive listed some of the items that are a part of balancing on most jobs:


  • Measure total airflow on all A/C and exhaust systems
  • Balance airflow on each supply and exhaust grille
  • Measure volts, amps, statics, RPM's, temperatures, and set minimum outside air requirements on all A/C units.
  • Balance water flow on all pumps, cooling towers, chillers, boilers, and air handling unit coils.
  • Sound and Vibration if required.
  • Air quality measurements if required.



In the last few years a new balancing task has presented itself. A large demand for HVAC commissioning has came about. This would involve the balancing group in the project much earlier than before. We would be working with the engineers in the designing of the system and with all other trades involved with the installing and start up of all equipment.

If Air Balancing is something you would like to learn more about then I think you will find our tutorial topics of much help to you. I only ask that you fill out the small form at the end to let us know what you think of the tutorial. Please feel free to send me a topic of your own. If I use it I will place your name and company name at the bottom of your topic page


There are many things to consider before balancing any HVAC system. I cant stress enough the importance of having all the necessary data and information needed to start the project.

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